How To Get A Good Massage

There is nothing better than going for a massage.  A massage can be used to reduce stress, heal aches and pains as well as increase blood flow and other health benefits.  For those looking to get a massage, going for a massage near me in Falls Church VA is the best place to start.

Massage the neck

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When going for a massage one of the best places to work is the neck.  The neck works all day long.  It supports our head and moves constantly.  When we lay down in bed, we want to make sure that we are not putting a lot of pressure on our neck.  If we do, we want to adjust ourselves, so our spine and rest of the body are aligned.  In your massage the masseuse will work the neck and spine to give us ultimate relief.

Use oil

Massage oil is used to help loosen up muscles and relax the body.  There are a wide variety of massage oils from calming and soothing to hot and burning.  When getting your massage ask which would be the best for your session and try some out before committing to an entire rubdown.

Drink water

You want to make sure that you drink water before and after your session.  Water will help flush out the toxins that will be released from your massage.  If you don’t drink water, it will be more difficult to flush out these toxins and they will remain in your body.

Massage your feet

Another important area of the body to work is your feet.  You want to allow the tension and stress to leave your body by having your feet massaged.  Before getting your feet massaged though, make sure that they are washed thoroughly and there are no odors of fungus.